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Cooking profession – tears hidden behind smiles” is a phrase often used to talk about the kitchen profession (also known as a friendly brother during the war). An extremely hard job, having to do manual labor with high intensity, often leaving early and leaving late. Without health, lack of perseverance, perseverance and especially love for the profession, love the kitchen, it is difficult to do. With Ms. Tran Thuy Lieu – The leader of the maintenance team for Ha Thanh Ceramic Factory, too, regardless of sun or rain, she is dedicated to her work every day, always taking care of each meal so that factory employees can work safely. . Her dedication has left a good impression on people’s hearts.

In a quiet space, only the sound of footsteps and sizzling sound of dishes, Ms. Tran Thuy Lieu (born in 1980) Leader of the maintenance group of Ha Thanh Ceramic Tile Factory, opened her heart to tell us about it. Her journey to cooking:

                      “A group of warm and cozy fireplaces,

                       Group of love, sweet cassava,

                       New sticky rice joy group, sharing joy,

                       The group wakes up the feelings of childhood…

                       Oh strange and sacred – the fire!”

      I don’t remember who the author of the poem is, only remember that 30 years ago, my teacher read it to me. The image of a loving fireplace has followed my whole childhood since then,” recalled Ms. Lieu.

      Lieu’s dream of becoming a “little” chef has come true when she is attached to Ha Thanh. Before falling in love with Ha Thanh, Ms. Tran Thuy Lieu used to be an officer in charge of land management of the Department of Natural Resources & Environment of Tam Nong district. In 2004, after getting married and giving birth to a second child, because of her family’s economic difficulties, Ms. Lieu resigned from her state job and went out to work more jobs to earn a living. The jobs she used to do were: accounting for a company, opening a company selling garments, catering business, opening a shop selling fresh flowers and cooking parties…

      After many years of struggle, many difficulties have been experienced, Ms. Tran Thuy Lieu has really found her joy and favorite job. She came to Ha Thanh from the early days of building the factory, serving nearly 500 meals a day, which is not a small amount of work for her 3-person kitchen team. With the trust of the sisters in the group, Ms. Tran Thuy Lieu was elected as the leader of the support group of Ha Thanh Ceramic Factory, with this task requiring her to make more efforts. Her thoughtful and considerate care for factory employees in each meal makes everyone feel satisfied, everyone looks forward to meeting the chef at mealtime with a gentle smile on her lips. And don’t forget the sweat that was always on her face.

       Recognizing the efforts of the kitchen sisters, during a business trip at the Ceramic Tile Factory, the Company’s General Director – Mr. Nguyen Duc Ha signed Decision No. 777/2020/QD – HT on July 13, 2020 to commend and reward the Support Team, in which Ms. Tran Thuy Lieu was specially praised by the General Director and encouraged the factory staff to learn from her working spirit to build a solid factory collective. strong and united.

Photo 1: Dong Thap sunshine hugs and chooses her figure

       When asked about her motivation to do a good job at the factory, Ms. Lieu shared: “When I see all the staff members, everyone has dirty clothes, sweaty faces, but they are always happy. working very hard, enthusiastic and full of responsibility, so I want to give all my love to the meals so that you guys can work healthily. From thinking to action, it gives me great motivation to do my best here.”

       In order to have meals of sufficient quality and quantity, to ensure the health of the employees of the factory. Every day, Ms. Tran Thuy Lieu has to get up at 4 a.m. to cross 23 km of the road from Tan My commune, Thanh Binh district to Tam Nong district to go to the market, choose the freshest and safest foods for processing. food for everyone. Every day, Ms. Lieu and 2 sisters in the nursing team often have to strain themselves to prepare 3 meals/day with the number of meals ranging from 420-450 servings/day. On a peak day, they had to cook 500 servings for factory employees and outsourced workers. Although the daily work is hard, Ms. Lieu always remembers that the pressure of any job is there, there are many difficulties in any profession, but more importantly, it is important to keep the fire of love for the profession to overcome and move on.

      The sun of the summer noon shines directly on the hot concrete courtyard, crept into the kitchen with the silhouette of the chef busy preparing lunch for everyone.

       Looking at the neat and clean rows of bowls and chopsticks, pots and pans, fresh food processing tables, scientific separate vegetable picking places, and hundreds of diverse meals that have been presented by the foster sisters – we are new I really admire the working spirit of the sisters, a meticulous, repetitive work that requires perseverance and patience.

      With a petite figure and gentle western voice, Ms. Tran Thuy Lieu always makes a lovely impression on those around her. She is very open-minded and always tells her story with a positive attitude. Ms. Lieu shared that sometimes she has to work 14 hours a day but still feels happy because all her colleagues are trying. Ms. Lieu showed us her hands with many calluses, some cuts that haven’t healed yet… but soon she beamed that she loved her job more and more and wished to stick with Ha Thanh for a long time, that joy was enough. big enough to forget the daily hardships. Positive, optimistic, knowing the joy of the profession, caring for each other to forget the hard work is the way for Ms. Tran Thuy Lieu and the sisters in the cooking team of Ha Thanh Ceramic Factory to overcome specific pressures. In the work. Not only doing a good job at the factory, Ms. Tran Thuy Lieu is also a good wife and mother of a happy family. After working hours at the factory, Ms. Lieu quickly returned to her beloved home to nurture and raise her children with her husband. She confided, “I am very satisfied with what I have, having a job that I love to do and a happy family, a husband who always cares and shares, children who are always obedient, study well, happy. My happiness is that simple… Ms. Lieu smiles brightly…

        In a society that assigns so many jobs, hundreds of thousands of jobs, and different fields, results and success are always associated with someone, and among them are people who are sometimes very simple and straightforward right from the corner of the eye. difficult to compare, but they always exude good values. This story, starting from the kitchen, from her, who was in charge of cooking industrial meals for Ha Thanh Ceramic Factory. Tran Thuy Lieu’s silent contribution has contributed greatly to the peace of mind of the factory staff, so that the “Ha Thanh ceramic tile” product line will radiate beauty everywhere. place…

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